Welcome to Dynabyte – a Vietnamese Internet start-up with a big mission, a unique culture & a crazy team.
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Unique Culture

What makes us one of the most exciting start-ups to be a part of.

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Crazy Teammates

Our competitive advantage is built on people, not products and services.

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Challenging Work

Only through overcoming constant challenges can we achieve excellence.

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Our Mission

Deliver the BEST customer service

There is one common thread in all the different businesses Dynabyte is in: Customer Service.

We pride ourselves in being a forerunner among businesses in Vietnam in the provision of outstanding customer service. In fact, we believe this is the best way for us to defend and grow our businesses.

We envision ourselves as disrupting and transforming the traditional ways businesses treat their customers, and we are confident that by raising the bar, we will soon change the way people view their relationship with businesses.

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What does it mean to take an idea, let it grow, and watch it thrive around the world? What does it mean to redefine the “norms”?

It means to jump at the chance to lead and to thoroughly think through problems. It means to analyze the status quo, identify flaws, and aggressively seek novel methods to achieve your goals.

It means being a part of the Dynabyte tribe.

We are always looking for “A-Players” to join us. If you are bright and hungry, and would like to work in a dynamic environment surrounded and stimulated by bright talents, then you are who we are looking for.

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